Tales from the Cripps

17. Hard Core Tales with Mike Nash

December 16, 2023 Episode 17
Tales from the Cripps
17. Hard Core Tales with Mike Nash
Show Notes

I had the good fortune to sit down with paddle maker, fitter and turner, kayaker, sailor, adventurer, and all around crazy Kiwi, Mike Nash. Listen as he shares some adventures: learning to kayak in New Zealand, sailing around the world, and his most dangerous adventure of all, learning to make kayak paddles.

Hammer Factor, eat your heart out, because in the last half of this episode we'll explore some of the technicalities of paddle design and paddle making. For those looking lay treats, you'll learn the perfect feather angle, perfect paddle length, grip width, and more.

0:00                        Introduction
7:28                        Learning to paddle in New Zealand
17:24                     How not to paddle solo
21:01                     The pitfalls of wearing a PFD
22:52                     Sailing the seven seas
28:17                     How to roll a sailboa
34:00                     Vetting passengers to Madagascar 
42:08                     Discovering the Pacific Northwest             
47:50                     Fear and loathing in Fear Canyon in British Columbia 
51:20                     Finding the minivan of kayaks
59:14                     Founding Hard Core Paddles
1:41:21                Paddle Taxonomy
2:23:38                Conclusion

Want more?

If you're into #vanlife conversions, you haven't seen a true conversion until you see Mike's rig.

Learn how Mike found the perfect watercraft to take his wife and 2 large dogs whitewater paddling with him.

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